Eco Friendly

Jagatjit’s business activities directly affect the lives of millions of people across the country, be it consumers, employees, investors or commercial partners. This brings a responsibility to be a good corporate citizen and seek to ensure that all those with a stake in Jagatjit can benefit from the relationship.

Jagatjit focuses its efforts on being socially responsible, where its impacts are greatest and where it can make the most difference. The company is working hard to help create the right conditions for an enduring, successful business – helping their employees reach their full potential and build communities that are prosperous with a stable environment.


As one of the world’s leading premium drinks businesses, Jagatjit manages its operations in a way that they support environmental sustainability and bio-diversity. Each of our businesses is committed to meeting high standards of performance and the company imposes exacting controls on all processes that have environmental implications. Jagatjit’s business partners, suppliers and contractors are encouraged to have similar approaches.

The company has installed a modern effluent treatment plant that converts the distillery effluent into valuable fuel for its boilers. The steam produced from it is fed into a modern turbine to generate valuable clean power.

JIL has constructed several rain harvesting trenches throughout its premises for replenishing the natural aquifer and water conservation.

Promote Responsible Drinking

Jagatjit strives to make an effective contribution towards creating a more responsible role for alcohol consumption in our society. We endeavour to minimise the harm from misuse and actively promote the social & health benefits of responsible drinking.

Jagatjit has set world-class standards in the liquor industry for responsible marketing and is working either directly or in partnerships, to run programs that raise awareness. We seek to change attitudes and behaviour towards alcohol.