We flavour our products with a global touch. Jagatjit manufactures and markets Alcoholic Beverages, Malt, Malt Extract, Nutritious Planned Food, Milk Powder, Ghee, Dairy Products. It also manufactures Malted Milk foods. Alcoholic Beverages is its main business and its brands growing Nationally as well as Internationally compiling International Organisation for Standardisation for Quality Management System and Food  Safety Standard.

JIL Exports:

JIL made its foray into the International Markets a few years ago.

JIL brands are now present in the international markets :

Ghana, Angola, Kenya, Guinea Conakry, Sera Leone, DR Congo, Uganda, UAE, Italy, Singapore, Canada etc and growing …..


International Brand Portfolio

Product portfolio in the international market is customized according to the demand and future growth potential of the respective product categories in the market as a whole. We even customised certain pack size for specific markets.

  • Private Labels for third party:

JIL is engaged in contract manufacturing /bottling of third party brands of the International customers.

  • Bulk Sales of Spirits:

JIL is engaged in supplying whisky spirit in bulk for bottling at other locations. The bulk spirit is shipped in HDPE Barrels, IBCs and ISO Flexi Tanks.

  • Enquiry:

For international queries please write to us on email: jilexport@jagatjit.com

Our International Brands