Making Whisky the way it is made in Scotland

6500 kilometers away from Scotland, Jagatjit Industries Limited has created the perfect production facility for making the magical spirit, whisky. To its modern ‘bulk grain’ based alcohol producing ENA plant,  JIL has added 17 pot stills of the latest design & technology for the production of 3.6 million liters of the finest Indian malt spirit per annum.


State-of-the-art distillery

Jagatjit Industries Ltd has a modern and efficient multi-pressure distillation plant set up with equipment supplied by the best national and international manufacturers. By combining the best of Scottish tradition with its modern state-of-the-art technology, JIL’s dedicated team of experienced distillers and blenders deliver the highest quality product for the discerning drinker.

Pre-blending & bottling spirit storage

While every step in the production process is important, we at Jagatjit believe that the storage of whisky prior to blending and bottling is crucial to produce a truly outstanding product. To facilitate this, we have 26,000 oak wood casks resting in our cool, dark & damp warehouses. The earthen floors in these warehouses allow nature to play its part in the making of a great whisky.

These oak casks are imported from the best cooperages in Scotland after a rigid inspection not just for leakage or breakage, but also to ensure that the cask is made of naturally aged center ring wood. It is in these casks that the malt spirit is stored till it is drawn by our blenders to convert into fine bottled whisky.


Brewing Facilities

Jagatjit has an automated, state-of-the-art brewing facility based on German technology. All of JIL’s equipment is supplied by the best plant and machinery suppliers from across the world


High-tech bottling hall

Jagatjit has state-of-the-art automatic bottling equipment at its bottling halls. This includes equipment for tunnel rinsing, hydro washing, filling, capping and labeling. Its four stage inspection system ensures excellence in the final product. Apart from indigenous, high-speed, automatic bottling machines, Jagatjit also has equipment sourced from the leading suppliers in Germany and Italy. The bottling halls are well screened, have air curtains and insect killers installed which, with modern cleaning equipment, ensure that the highest hygienic conditions are maintained in the bottling area.



Quality Management Systems approved & recognized by a leading international agency